An Idea of What We Serve…


Breakfast served All Day!!

Includes: Really good omelets, French Toast Made with French Bread, Multigrain Pancakes or Waffles, Multigrain Blueberry or Raspberry Pancakes, Lots of Pulp Orange Juice, Beef Kielbasa Sausage, Turkey Bacon, Vegetarian Sausage, and lots more

Fruit Smoothies

Made with 100% Fruit, No Sugar Added, Soymilk, Fresh Ground Flax Seed, and Stevia (This is a Plant Based Sweetener That Does Not Raise Your Glycemic Index or Produce Dangerous Side Effects) – and They Taste Great!

Daily Homemade Lunch Specials

Monday:         Meatloaf
Tuesday:        BBQ Chicken
Wednesday: Hamburger Steak with Sauted Onions
Thursday:     Roast Beef
Friday:            Surprise!!
Sunday:         Always Two Dinners to Choose From in Addition to the Regular Men

Daily Homemade Soups Served with a Variety of Fresh Sandwiches or Burgers

Vegetarian Black Bean Taco Salad $9.99

Layers of Fritos Corn Chips, Black Beans with Cumin and Chili Spices, Organic Spring Salad Mix, Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, White Onion, Tomatoes, and Black Olives with Sour Cream and Salsa on the Side. Delicious!!

Super Antioxidant Salad $13.99 (More Than Half Size $11.99)  It’s Substantial!

Organic Spring Mix Salad Topped with Alfalfa Sprouts, Carrot Peels, Organic Celery, Cucumber, Garbanzo Beans, Red Onion, Yellow Bell Pepper, Tomatoes, Sunflower Seeds, Feta Cheese, and Craisins. Served with Extra Virgin First Cold Press Olive Oil, Fresh Lemon Half, Non-MSG Adobo Seasoning and a Multigrain Dinner Roll. YUM!!

Vegetarian “Chick” Patty (Yes, it Tastes Like Chicken!) $4.95

Served on a Kaiser Bun with Mayo, Green Leaf Lettuce, and Tomato. It’s Good!

Homemade Pies and Desserts Available Daily.